Established Oct 1995


Plastics was founded in 1995 as Prinsloo Plastiek by Francois Prinsloo.  He started with one extruder only but the business has since then grown rapidly into one of the largest film extrusion businesses of its kind in the Pretoria area.  The business currently has a staff compliment of almost 80 employees.


The business was taken over by Bert Kruger in March 2005 and the name changed to PXD Plastics CC in November 2005.  Bert Kruger is a graduated industrial engineer with an MBA degree obtained from the University of Pretoria.   He is also registered as a professional engineer.  As a consultant (over 20 years), Bert specialized in management consulting, business process (re)engineering and the design of large custom systems.  Since the takeover, Bert Kruger is devoting all available resources to improve product quality, service delivery, working conditions, procedures and systems with the aim to get ISO 9001 certification as soon as possible.


Tjaart Conradie, with a mechanical engineering degree obtained from the University of Pretoria joined PXD Plastics in June 2009 as a member responsible for production and maintenance.