Established Oct 1995

Company News

September 2011

Casper Garise and Nicolene Smal became members of PXD


January 2012

PXD moved to a new (and better) premises at the Silverton Engineering Complex (adjacent to the old premises)


March 2012

SABS certification of our co-extruded waterproofing products supplied to the building industry


We specialize in making the following product from Low Density Polyethelyne (LDPE):


We are proud to be a South African business and believe that the country offers excellent opportunities in terms of development and growth.  Although the backbone of our business is in the Gauteng area, our products are sold country wide and in all the neighboring countries (as far as Malawi at this stage). We also deliver as far as the Western Cape and Eastern Cape. 

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Achievements over the last five years

 - Changed image of the business from a small one-man owned family type of business to a well established major player in the industry.

- Increased the number of extruders from 9 to 16.

- Installed new state of the art bag-on-roll and bag-making machines to improve quality and productivity


Waterproofing products

These products (also known as  geo-membranes) are made for the building and construction industry comprise:

We normally keep stock of these products and they can be delivered within three days.

Make to order products

These products are seldom kept in stock and are made to customer requirements. They include:


  • Tubing
  • Bags or bag-on-roll
  • Sheets or sheet-on-roll
  • Rewinded sheets of different lengths
Agricultural products

These products are mainly made for the agricultural industry and include products such as:


  • babana blue, white or orange rolls
  • citrus rolls
  • cover sheets